Friday, June 1, 2012

August 12, 2012 Monthly Cricut Project

No picture to publish yet, but the scrapbook page is well the way.  We will be using the Paisley Cachemire cartridge and perhaps one other.  As far as a craft goes, I will check with students this Sunday to gather some areas of interest.  Hope everyone is having a good summer.  Happy Cricuting, Susan
Update June 4, 2012
I'm going to repeat the project I had in September 2011 since the store no longer carries the Paisley cartridge and I was advised it has been retired too.  There was a suggestion to do glass etching as the craft for this session.  I will confirm with the July 8 Project session attendees and then update the blog accordingly.

For those of you with an Expression 2, I will work to create instructions which use the built in cartridges and then advise what additional cartridges may be needed.

Update on July 8, 2012

We are going to create the 3D sunflowers, embellish with seed beads, and add a vinyl applique to our sunflower vase as the second project for the August 12th class.  I will add a glass etching project in the September 9th class.  I really enjoyed our class today.  Hope everyone had fun creating their projects and learned some new techniques. 

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