Monday, December 24, 2012

Classes for January 2013 are cancelled

All, I am still in recovery mode for my left ankle BUT things are improving!!! Yeah!!!!.  I plan to resume classes in February, 2013.  I hope to have all physical therapy completed by February.  Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Classes cancelled for December 2012

I had to have surgery to fix a broken ankle.  The recovery period is expected to be upwards of 4 months.  I have an appointment this week, and hope to go from a cast to a "boot" but it will still be non weight bearing - unfortunately.  I may need to cancel classes in January, 2013 too.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I have really missed having classes.  I will continue to update everyone during this recovery period.  Thank you for the well wishes too.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Classes for November 2012 will be cancelled

Well everyone this is a post I am very sorry I have to record.  I broke my leg on Thursday, Oct 25.  It was splinted in the ER and will be going to see the orthopedic doctor on Monday.  Life is full of surprises and I know you just need to roll with it.  I am not mobile at the moment so classes of any type are out of the question for November and, perhaps December too.  I will know more once I meet with the doctor.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall and a really fun halloween. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

January 6, 2013 Monthly Cards

I am learning to use the alcohol markers, Spectrum Noir, available at the store.  I am no expert but thought it would be fun to stamp and color as part of this class.  As requested, I am trying to include some stamping and/or embossing as part of the classes.  The other card may be a flip flop style or other - just not decided yet.  I will post which markers I am using in case you wish to bring your own or similar.  I have been having fun with these markers, and when purchased using a coupon, the price is very affordable.

January 6, 2013 Monthly Project

I have tentatively planned for 2 - 1 page layouts.  One will be whimsy, using Create a Critter 2, and have a Happy New Year theme, the other will be with A Quilted Christmas, and be a January theme.  I will need to complete the layouts soon because my beloved Gypsy will have to go back to PC.  I have had my Gypsy since launch and the battery is just tuckered out.  I purchased a new Gypsy and will begin the re - serialization process once it arrives. Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 23, 2012 Gypsy Project Class

All the papers I used for this "Savannah" shaped book were from DCWV Animal Crackers.  The font I used was Hello Kitty which is nice and chunky.  I did back all pages with cereal box chipboard.  I didn't want the book too large so the letters all look like a jumble - which is really not my preference.  I have made some later books which are longer and used poster board.  Really fun. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

December 2, 2012 Monthly Card Class

We will be doing a Owl Tri Fold Shutter card and an Angel embossed card.  The tri - fold shutter gives you many opportunities to decorate and embellish with stamps, die cuts, and messages.  I had fun with the Create a Critter 2 cart for the cuts on this card.  On the Angel embossed card, there is a stamped message as well as one of the awesome cuts from A Quilted Christmas.  Both of these carts are wonderful and hope you have as much fun as I do creating with them.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

December 2, 2012 Monthly Cricut Project

We will be using another new cartridge, A Quilted Christmas, to create this 2 page layout.  This is an awesome cartridge, with a variety of holiday images, including Dickens style characters, cards with silhouette features, etc.  We will also do some creative changes to images on the Winter Frolic cartridge and some dry embossing.  Finally, we will create a vinyl applique to use as a wine glass decoration as the craft project.  I will post the wine glass project during the next week. Hope everyone is having a great fall!

November 4, 2012 Monthly Card Class

This will be a really fun class.  As requested by a student, we will do some stamping, embossing, and coloring with Pro Markers or other coloring inks/markers. Also we will add glitter using the xyron technique.  Finally we will make our own "wobble" to add some movement to the create a critter 2 card.   Hope you are able to join me in this class!

November 4, 2012 Monthly Cricut Project

We will be using one of the new cricut cartridges, Create a Critter 2, to create the 1 page layout.  This is a very cute cartridge with lots of wonderful phrases, appropriate for all holidays, and holiday details/outfits for all critters.   By the way, even if you do not like whimsy, create a critter 2 is wonderful for all the holiday embellishments.  Our craft will be a holiday magnet decorated with vinyl.  The store has a nice selection of vinyl colors next to the open stock paper - definitely worth checking out.  I will post a picture of the magnet, later this week.

Friday, September 7, 2012

October 7, 2012 Monthly Card Class

It is late on the posting but I am planning to create a buckle card and a wiper card.  Both will have a Halloween theme.  On the wiper card I will be embellishing with stick pins, which are really fun to make.  Fingers crossed I will have the pictures up soon.  Need to retake pictures in the daytime so I will try to post in the morning.  Have a great evening everyone! Ok pictures are now up.  I wish I could get a better pic of the wiper card but after several tries I am sticking with what I have just posted. 

October 7, 2012 Monthly Cricut Project

Hi everyone.  I am repeating a 2 page layout which I did in 2010 for the October 7, 2012 monthly project class.  We are using Happy Haunting and Paper Doll Dress Up.  These cartridges are really awesome and offer a wonderful variety of images plus the fonts on Happy Haunting are outstanding.  Fall is around the corner and what a great time to start back scrapbooking all our vacation pictures and our creating all our holiday cards and decorations. Happy cricuting everyone!

Friday, August 10, 2012

September 9, 2012 Monthly Card Class

Shown above are the 2 card styles we will be making for the September 9 class.  One is a split side step card and that is the Happy Fall card.  This card style adds all sorts of dimension to your card and will be fun for the recipient too.  I decorated this card using my Cricut and the following cartridges: Simply Charmed, Paper Doll Dress Up (for the fence only) and County Life.  Oh, yes, you can see I had some fun with the honeycomb paper on this card.   The second card style is a slider card.  We will use our paper trimmer to create the slider window.  I had some of the new K & Co Brenda Walton  fun dimensional Halloween stickers and small mat pad which was perfect for this project.  As always, you can use stamps, stickers, Cricut, Spellbinders, Sizzix, etc to create the images for your card styles.  Hope you are able to join me for this class.
PS There is a wonderful You Tube video on creating the split side step card base on Card Creations by Lorriane's blog.

September 9, 2012 Monthly Cricut Project

As they say, better late than never.  Shown above is the 1 page layout for the September 9 Monthly Project class.  We are using the cartridge, Country Life.  If you are a person who is not a fan of cutesy images than this cartridge is for you.  You can certainly make the animals more whimsical but there are plenty of opportunities to just have them be realistic.  As requested we will also do a glass etching item.  I will post a sample of the etching later but if you look at some of my previous posts there are pictures of the glass etching.  I did use Create a Critter for the clouds and sun in the layout but you are welcome to substitute with the sun from County Life or other cartridge.  I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

August 12, 2012 Monthly Cricut Project

No picture to publish yet, but the scrapbook page is well the way.  We will be using the Paisley Cachemire cartridge and perhaps one other.  As far as a craft goes, I will check with students this Sunday to gather some areas of interest.  Hope everyone is having a good summer.  Happy Cricuting, Susan
Update June 4, 2012
I'm going to repeat the project I had in September 2011 since the store no longer carries the Paisley cartridge and I was advised it has been retired too.  There was a suggestion to do glass etching as the craft for this session.  I will confirm with the July 8 Project session attendees and then update the blog accordingly.

For those of you with an Expression 2, I will work to create instructions which use the built in cartridges and then advise what additional cartridges may be needed.

Update on July 8, 2012

We are going to create the 3D sunflowers, embellish with seed beads, and add a vinyl applique to our sunflower vase as the second project for the August 12th class.  I will add a glass etching project in the September 9th class.  I really enjoyed our class today.  Hope everyone had fun creating their projects and learned some new techniques. 

August 12, 2012 Monthly Card Class

Posted above are the 2 card styles for August Monthly Card Class.  The owl is a surprise pull up birthday card and the raccoon is an easel birthday card.  I used Birthday Bash and Create a Critter Cricut cartridges to create the embellishments for these card styles.  Hope you are able to come to class since these are really fun card styles.

July 1 or 8, 2012 Monthly Card Class

In July we start the first monthly card class.  It will precede the Monthly Cricut Project class and can be moved or additional sessions added as needed.  The purpose of this class is to explore a variety of card styles, typically 2 styles each 2 hour session.  I will be using my Cricut to create the images to embellish these cards, but it is not necessary.  Students are welcome to use purchased images, (Jolees, stickers, etc) or other die cut embellishments - Spellbinders, Sizzix, etc to create your unique cards.  For the double fold graduation card I used Birthday Bash and Everyday Paperdolls.  For the z fold card with belly band I used Accent Essentials, Elegant Cakes, and Elegant Edges.  Hope everyone is having a good summer.  Looking forward to seeing you in class or in store.

July 8, 2012 Project Class

As promised I will be adding a craft along with a scrapbook page, starting this July.  Shown above are the July projects.  We are making a fabric applique for a beach bag and a 1 page beach layout and using our Cricut markers to highlight titles and images on the  scrapbook page.  Hope everyone is having a good week.   Update on June 27, 2012:  I see I failed to say we are using the cartridge " Life is a Beach", which has many awesome travel and summer time images.  Looking foward to seeing everyone on July 8.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

June 3, 2012 Project Class

Ok, this never happens but I am actually preparing to start creating the June and July project today, March 18??!  Well it has been a bizzaro year so far, with the winter that wasn't, and therefore I shouldn't be so surprised.  I even took pictures today of my house with the windows open and tulips ready to bloom just so I can say yes it really happened on March 18, 2012.  Well, I'm ready to get started.  I think we will be using Pack Your Bags  and Plantin Schoolbook cartridges for June 3 monthly class.  We will work with the "end caps" creative feature on Plantin Schoolbook which should be fun.  Hope to post pictures of the projects later this week.  Hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!!
Update on March 19, 2012: posted the scrapbook page.  The photo seems kinda fuzzy so I will take another photo later this week and hopefully it will be better.  I will try to have the card posted by the end of this week.  Just a note -- I am continually impressed by how much content/variety there is on the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.  Have a great week everyone.

Update on June 1, 2012: Posted the updated scrapbook page and the card.  Please note the card design is by Lisa at Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons blog.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in class this week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

May 6, 2012 Project Class

We will be creating a 1 page scrapbook page which is my interpretation of a design by Becca Rees at Monkey Doodle and my own creation for a view master card.  Updated on 3/18/2012 to add some pictures for the view master card.  As you turn the wheel, the picture changes - there are 4 different inserts.  Hope we have good attendance for this class, since I think it will be quite fun to create this card and page.  Stay well everyone!!!

April 15, 2012 Project Class

We will creating a 1 page scrapbook page which is my interpretation of a Monique Griffith's design at Monkey Doodle, and a flap card.  It should be a great way to celebrate the tax filing date.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

March 4, 2012 Project Class

It is hard to believe, but I actually have created the 1 page layout for the March 4 Monthly Project class.  The design layout is from Joy at Obsessed with Scrapbooking.  My color pallet was shades of green in honor of St. Paddy's day and a few other references, to be sure.  All the patterned papers were from the DCWV Lemon Flower Stack.  Winter has hit today, so what better activity than to scrap the afternoon away.  Hope you like this project.  There will be a card too.  Stay well everyone.

Updated on Feb 10, to add the double fold card project.  Per student request, I will send out the mat cut sizes prior to class so students can prepare, if desired, ahead of time.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in store or in class.  Fingers crossed for an early spring.

Updated on March 4, it was a really fun class today.  So nice to see everyone's creative interpretations of the layout and card style.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in store or the next project or other Cricut class.  Thank you for the opportunity to teach!!!