Monday, December 6, 2010

December 2010 Cricut Workshop

I was tuckered out for planning a December class. It seemed like it took forever to plan each card, and then forever to select the papers, and then forever to rework paper selections if those papers were no longer offered in the store. Thank goodness I had completed the 10 cards in November and just needed to write up the instructions - huh? Ok writing instructions is not a fun task but it is very important because it is the only way someone can complete a project once the class has concluded. Tonight I am updating/revising the class instructions for tomorrow's class. Fingers crossed all will go well. I thought developing January and February class content might be an issue but I am pleased to say that the projects for both are completed. I do need to write up the instructions but that is a job for later this week. Now that I have this blog updated I can share with each student to help them complete their projects. It hasn't quite been a year since I began creating these workshops but I am satisfied that I have done my best to keep the content varied and feature new and different techniques.


  1. Hi Susan,
    I just found out I can load my gypsy to my Mac. It worked. See you tomorrow.

  2. Glad to hear it worked. Looking forward to seeing you in class tonight.