Monday, December 6, 2010

November 2010 Cricut Workshop

Holiday Cards. A woman at the store suggested I create a Holiday Card workshop. It seemed like a good idea. Over the summer I began to think of cartridges and structure for the class. I thought it might be fun to have everyone just bring their machine and then we would pass the cartridge to create the cards. Since the maximum number of students for the class was 8, I thought we would have 8 cards. Did I mention I "overfill" class content. There were a few neat holiday cartridges out in the summer, but the Thanksgiving and Christmas Cards were not released. As with all the classes, I began the process to create the card designs and new cartridges and new ideas began to ferment. I realized that everyone works at their own pace so to make the ability to create a card dependent on another seemed a bad idea. I ended up developing 10 different Holiday cards, 2 of them for Thanksgiving and 8 for the Holiday Season. In November we created the 2 Thanksgiving cards and 4 different Holiday Cards using the following cartridges: Thanksgiving, Christmas Cards, Winter Woodland, Joys of the Season, and Create a Critter. Boy the elves were busy making Holiday Cards in the workshop. Everyone completed their cuts and some sent me pictures of their completed cards. I loved how each one personalize the card to reflect themselves. We will be completing the remaining 4 cards in the December workshop plus making an etched glass vase.

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